1964 Morgan Plus 4 Plus to be Auctioned

1964 Morgan Plus 4 Plus

The Morgan Plus 4 Plus debuted at the 1963 Earls Court Motor show alongside celebrated classics such as the Aston Martin DB5 and the Ferrari 250 LM. The company had anticipated a run of about 50 cars, but over the three year period in which it was produced production ended at 26 models. The fact that the Plus 4 Plus was not as warmly received as they had hoped could have been the deciding factor for this shortened production run.

This model, chassis A5558, is the fifth of the lot and was destined for the arms of George Beatty “G.B.” Sterne, who was the man about town when it came to Morgans. Sterne’s Plus 4 Plus was the North American specification example and came equipped with two wire wheels, disc brakes and a wood-rimmed steering wheel. The car was finished in black with a red leather interior.

1964 Morgan Plus 4 Plus Interior

Chassis A5558 weighted about 1,800 pounds and comes with a 105-hp, 2,138 cc inline four-cylinder with twin Weber carburetors on a four-speed manual synchromesh transmission and boasts a top speed of about 114-mph.

This Plus 4 Plus changed hands about four more times making it currently just five owners from new. It underwent a full restoration between 2004 and 2007 (this is where the body paint was changed) after which it took to the concours circuit in fine style and to great reception. It returned to England with its fifth and present owner and is currently being offered with a tool kit, a Plus 4 owner’s manual and a binder of reference material. This will be auctioned on September 7th 2016 at the Sotheby’s London auction and is expected to go for anywhere from $159,000 to $186,500.

Morgan Plus 4 Plus