5 Great DeSoto Cars of the Past

Most of the people from the year 1955 do not stop cherishing the beauty of DeSoto cars. Back then, people considered DeSoto cars as a symbol of pride. DeSoto sold a couple of different versions and reached at its peak in the year 1955. It sold 115,485 cars of its two series, namely Fireflite and Firedome.

But in the year 1958, the sales started to decline and fell up to 49,445, and there were rumors in circulation about DeSoto coming to an end. But the makers were not discouraged, and the production again increased and amounted to 45,724 vehicles in 1959. DeSoto was famous for offering wide range of models from wagons to convertibles.

Let’s have a look to some of the great DeSotos of the past.

1. Model K DeSoto Six – 1928
Due to the country was about to enter the Great Depression, DeSoto was not able to sell a great number of cars; hence, it decreased their sales. As soon as the three series were produced, namely Model SA six, Model SC New six, and Model K six, the sales increased exponentially. The body style of this model included Custom Roadster, Phaeton, Standard Roadster, Standard Coupe, and few others. This model had 55 horsepower. With this model, about 34,000 DeSoto’s were shipped to around 1500 dealers.

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