5 Muscle Cars of the 60’s

Indeed, the early 60’s was a golden age, and it is undeniable that the year 1960 gave America some of the best muscle cars. These cars, at that time, yielded plenty of options for customers seeking for more metal twisting torque and power from the vehicles. Those who were born in the 60s, recalling some of the muscle cars would evoke memories of days gone by. However, it is really difficult to create a list of muscle cars from the 60s because there were so many cool cars. But still we have managed to compile a list of five muscle cars of the golden age. Let’s have a look at them.


Pontiac GTO – 1964


When we discuss about car manufacturers from the 60s, Pontiac is one of the fan favorites. Do you know why these cars were famous? Their unique look and overall quality made Pontiac cars an icon. Their power plants had turned them into the rockets of the 60’s. Pontiac was one of the remarkable and valuable cars because it came out with a judge. This US $295 Pontiac GTO featured a 389 cu in 6.4 liters V8 engine along with an output of 325 horsepower at 4,800 rpm.

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