Aston Martin and Red Bull’s 1000HP Hypercar

Aston Martin and Red Bull’s 1000HP Hypercar

After years of sketches, doodles and wistful fantasies of super car designs, Red Bull Racing’s Adrian Newey is teaming up with Aston Martin’s Marek Reichman to build Aston Martin’s road-legal hypercar. This car that has everyone in a tizzy, codenamed AM-RB 001—no Bond references today scout’s honor—has been rumored for some time, and was confirmed earlier this year right before the beginning of the 2016 F1 season.

This project is, unfortunately for us, shrouded in complete secrecy. Fortunately for the AM-RB team, this only serves to fan the flame of anticipation and keep the rumor mill churning. The latest development on this endeavor comes from a tip sent to Jalopnik by an Aston Martin owner who attended a track day at Road Atlanta.

AM-RB 001 Nebula

AM-RB 001 is referred to as the Nebula by the inner circle. It is about 2,300 pounds and will be powered by a naturally aspirated 7-litre V12 and produce about 1000-hp. With numbers like these the latest DB11 and the popular Vulcan have already had one excitement point each deducted from their unofficial tally. Aston is not new to exclusivity so it comes as no surprise to here that there will only be 99 of these cars built and they will cost about $3.2 million each. They have already all been sold. Yes, we’re disappointed that we didn’t make the short list for consideration either.

Remember that rumor mill that has to keep churning? Well, Aston isn’t ready to give it a rest yet as they declined to confirm or deny any details with regards to the AM-RB-001. But, do you really think that they released details about project with the expectation that everyone at the track day would stay silent? Doubtful, but rumors are rumors, so make sure you have enough salt in your cupboard to cover this one. Needless to say we are very excited about this collaboration, and at this stage any news is good news.

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