Cars for Gangsters!

Cars for Gangsters: What were history’s most notorious mobsters driving?

While gangsters might not be known for their careful decision making when it comes to obeying the law, many of them have a penchant for picking a nice car. While we might not envy the broken moral compass belonging to most of the men on this list, that’s not to say that the cars themselves aren’t quintessentially cool. Sure they might be tainted (or even improved) by association, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t check out these mobsters’ cars and imagine ourselves behind the wheel.

Al Capone – Cadillac 1928
It makes sense to start with the man whom many people figure as one of America’s greatest ever criminals. The biggest gangster in Chicago during the prohibition era needed a decent ride. Not only that, but he needed a car that offered something more than the standard showroom fittings. That’s why Al Capone took his 1928 Cadillac and made sure that it was armour plated. He had close to 3,000 pounds of protective plating fitted to the doors. Added to this, the rear window was modified to drop down quickly in case he had to open fire on anyone chasing him. All of the glass was an inch thick for that extra bit of protection. Al Capone’s car is so well-loved that it sold for almost $350,000 to a collector in 2012.

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