Packards of the 1920s


Packard has a special place in the history of American motoring. As one of the most successful companies of the early Twentieth Century, they helped to define the idea of an American car. Their brand focused on luxury and quality, provided customers around the world with some of the finest automobiles that had been produced up to that point. Their work was not only in delivering sedan cars, but their cars were also converted into fire engines and pickup trucks. During one of the company’s most successful periods, the 1920s, what were some of their best-loved cars?

1920 Packard Twin Six
Certainly not aerodynamic by today’s standards, the classic Packard Twin Six is an excellent example of the early car. With a wind screen that makes no effort to be anything other than rigidly upright, the silhouette of the car is an early indicator of the direction automotive design was taking. Longer and more elegant than previous vehicles, this was one of the defining moments when cars broken away from their reputation as simply ‘horseless carriages.’

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