Renault Alpine A120 to be Revealed

Renault Alpine A120

The Alpine show car Celebration prepared for The 24 Hours of Le Mans last year was certainly the biggest hint that something was in the works for the Renault owned brand. The relaunch of the brand will occur with the rumored A120 which will be the successor to Jean Rédélé’s famed racing champion, the A110 Berlinetta.

The official Alpine Twitter account stated February 16, 2016 as the official relaunch date with a likely debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor show in March.

Renault Alpine Concept

The power for the standard A120, which is said will be followed by a high performance version within a year, will be around 250-hp and come from a mid-rear located 1.8 litre TCe engine linked to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission developed for the Renault Talisman.

Alpine A120 Concept

In a 2015 interview conducted by Autocar, Alpine’s Boss Bernard Olliver shared that the delay in the relaunch of the brand was due to Alpine’s attempt to meet customer expectations, while maintaining the delicate balance between producing a modern car that adhered to the Apline DNA. Heritage is very important to Alpine.

Ultimately, Olliver aims to begin Alpine’s journey back into the hearts of their fans with the Alpine 120 which will be the embodiment of French elegance, ‘simple, fluid and uncomplicated.’ The Renault group is in it for the long haul and has interests in building the Alpine brand for the future.

Alpine Concept Car

Renault has not been to the US since the early nineties, so do not expect this one to cross the waters. However, though the history that the A120 will have to shoulder is vast and slightly imposing, the news of the A120 inspires hope for Alpine’s success in the hearts of longstanding race history enthusiasts.

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