The Bristol Bullet Unveiled

Bristol Bullet

Fast on the heels of the Morgan Motor Car Company anniversary, UK car manufacturer Bristol Cars has decided to celebrate their birthday with the Bristol Bullet. In this their 70th year we are getting 70 cars; all of which will be handmade at the company factory in Chichester, Hampshire.

13 years after their last new model, Bristol has stepped back into the spotlight and showed us that it can still maintain its classic old school charm with a modern flair.

Born from a neglected speedster in Bristol’s old factory, the Bullet comes to us just under 2,800 pounds with a 4.8-liter V8 manufactured by BMW and finished by Bristol. It gives us a top speed of 155-mph and a 0-62-mph sprint in 3.8 seconds.

New Bristol Bullet Car

Stepping into a future far removed from 2003, interiorly, the Bullet has a multi-touch screen embedded into the dashboard providing digital radio, smartphone connectivity and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Continuing its climb up the ladder of sports car luxury the dashboard paneling is offered in a classic wood and varying types of carbon-fiber weaving, whilst the sports seating is contoured for support and comfort and hand trimmed in the choicest British hides.

This re-introduction of Bristol to the market is in preparation of bigger and better things to come from Bristol. According to the General Manager of Bristol Cars, Julian Ramshaw, the Bullet ‘sets the tone for the future of Bristol Cars—with a focus on luxury, performance and elegance.’ If the cars subsequent to this are as attractive with enticing performance figures to match, then there is no doubt that Bristol will keep the love of their stalwart fans and gain more than a few new ones. Baseline price for the Bullet is said to be around $300,700; orders are being taken now with first deliveries expected in January.

Bristol Bullet Interior