The Classic Cars Collectors Love


The classic car market is almost unique. All over the world, people come to love certain makes and models with an almost inexplicable level of adoration. Even among the collectors, however, there are certain cars that stand out from the crowd. Popular for their looks, their performance, or simply the story attached to them, these vehicles crop up time and time again on the lists of best-loved cars. So whether you’re considering entering into the classic market or simply want to share in the enjoyment of these vehicles, which are the cars that collectors love most?

Mercedes-Benz 190SL Roadster – 1960
The Mercedes-Benz name has always been linked to high-quality cars. But during the sixties, the company hit a run of form that introduced some of the greatest German automobiles of all time. Seemingly built to suit American tastes, this European convertible is sporty, stylish, and sought after. To that point, a recent version in excellent condition managed to fetch just under $145,000 when sold at auction. Even since then, the expected value has shot up by almost $100,000. In the last few decades alone, the price has almost quadrupled.

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