The Faraday FFZero1 Supercar

Faraday FFZero1 Concept

Generally I don’t give much credence to an early prototype of a possible car concept of the future. But I took heed when I saw that Richard Kim was involved.

Kim, when he was at BMW’s Designworks USA was responsible for the hybrid i8 and i3 supercar concepts. He also won a slew of concept awards with his design of the i8 spyder.

Kim has moved on to Chinese-backed startup Faraday Future where he is the head of design. Kim believes in unified technology so what better place to unveil his FFZero 1 than at the Consumer Electronics show that took place earlier this month in Las Vegas.

At one time the only cars that appeared on the floor of the CES were muscle and tricked out vans that showcased the latest automotive stereo and sound systems. The show though over the last few years has become a platform for electric concepts, and the potential of a 1,000 horsepower supercar monster obviously drew quite a bit of media attention.

Faraday FFZero1

The FFZero 1 concept is a single seat all electric sports car designed by Kim with the aid of engineering designers who formerly worked for Ferrari and Tesla. The flexible chassis is designed to hold from one to four electric motors that could generate the 1,000hp.

Faraday’s mission is to create high-end, self-driving cars in the future. Kim is into unified technology. At CES he said that “One of the goals of Faraday is to have a seamless, beautiful driving experience.” He believes it’s time for cars to come up to speed through the integration of consumer electronics into the design.

Faraday FFZero1

Before you go to the bank to get a loan, hold your breath. The prototype was intended to gain some sizzle for the new company. The final version, which Faraday hopes to have in production in two years, will certainly have some wow factor but not be as radical as the one unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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