The Five Best Cord Cars of All Time


You’d be forgiven for not knowing your way around the Cord car catalog. For a while, the brand was the definitive example of American motoring, but more than fifty years away from the limelight has meant that the name has fallen out of favor among most. There are still a few people who know what Cord did for the motoring world, however, and people such as Jay Leno work hard to help everyone remember just how important Cord were. Though they were certainly not the most prolific company, what are their top five cars?

Cord 810
For many people, the ultimate example of a Cord. Released in 1936, the 810 would eventually be updated to the 812. With huge swooping wheel arches, a distinctive radiator grill, and styling that is pleasing to any eye, this model became the platform for almost everything that Cord offered over the coming years. The independent front suspension and the front wheel drive were real innovations for the time, features that would not be seen in other manufacturers’ offerings for many decades. There were even hidden headlights, helping keep the lines of the car perfect as often as possible.

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