The Five Most Valuable British Cars


Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Jaguar. British cars are often ranked in the highest echelons when it comes to luxury automobiles. While they might not be able to offer the speed of the Italians or the raw power of the Americans, the British have long been able to put together elegant cars that remain in high demand. With such lofty reputations come high prices. When taken to auction, a number of British cars have sold for astonishing amounts. Of all the cars sold at auction, these five models were the most expensive examples to hail from Great Britain.

Aston Martin DB4
The most expensive British car of all time. The Aston Martin DB4/GT Zagato was sold for just over $14 million in recent years. Painted in classic British Racing Green and arriving with an unmatched pedigree, the model is known for being featured in the James Bond series. Sumptuous lines and a pumped up engine, the Zagato edition of one of Britain’s best ever cars is also considered the most valuable example of motoring history ever produced in the country.

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