The Gangster Cars of the 1930s


The 1930s were the golden age of American gangsters. With Al Capone as the poster boy, the mob managed to make stacks of money through any means necessary. Gambling, bootlegging, drugs, extortion, murder, and almost any other crime you could imagine. There was nothing they wouldn’t do. But the wealth that comes from such a laid back approach to the law means being able to afford some nice wheels. When we think back to the period, there’s a few cars that come straight to mind. So what were the gangsters driving in the 1930s?

1934 Hudson Terraplane KU Coupe
It’s important to make a big first impression when you’re a gangster. If people can see your car coming from a mile away, then they’ll know to be scared by the time you arrive. To that end, there’s few better options that Hudson’s Terraplane KU Coupe. White walled tires and red wheels complete the look, but it’s the imposing front radiator that can really strike terror into anyone in your way. The radiating metal teeth of the radiator, added to the air intake slits down the side, give the car a shark-like appearance. Perfect for the mob.

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