The Greatest Cars of the 1980s


The Eighties was a fantastic time for fashion, music, film, and almost everything else. Or at least, that’s one way of looking at it. The decade’s output is often loved and loathed in equal measure. Known for its attention-seeking aesthetics and loud approach to life, it’s certainly a decade with its own distinct style. And the same is true for cars from the period. The 1980s produced some of the best-loved automobiles we’ll ever know, but what were those classic cars that people will always love?

Mercedes-Benz 190E 1984
Along with similar models from BMW, Mercedes used the 1980s to corner the mid-level luxury car market. Built like an indulgent tank, this Mercedes was engineered to within an inch of its life. Intimidating, perfectly constructed, and projecting a powerful image everywhere it went, the 190E was a whole lot of Mercedes crammed into a relatively small package. Despite being slightly smaller and less expensive than other Mercedes cars, it still felt just as expensive. The model reinvigorated sales for the German manufacturer, and the 190E was so well made that it’s not a surprise to see examples still on the road today.

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