The Morgan 4/4 80th Anniversary Edition

Morgan 4/4

Most likely the only car company that can truly compete with Porsche at their customization game, is the last remaining family owned and independent British car manufacturer, Morgan Motor Company. Known for their flagship model the 4/4, the world’s longest running production vehicle, and their recently relaunched Morgan three-wheeler, Morgan Motor Company continues to dominate their craft and provide us with nothing less than the best.

This is a special year for Morgan Motor Company as 2016 marks 80 years for the existence of the Morgan 4/4. Morgan has decided to celebrate with an anniversary edition inspired by the first edition model of which only 80 will be built.

First launched at the 1936 exhibitions in London and Paris, the 4/4 turned the page to a new chapter in Morgan’s heritage. Leaving the famed three-wheeler behind, the 4/4 was eagerly anticipated and an instant success. The 4/4 moniker was coined for the four cylinders and four wheels it now contained which separated it from its three-wheeled predecessor. Much like today, the Morgan 4/4 back then was a steel chassis with an ash-framed body paneled in steel which provided strength without heaping on too much weight, which in sports car world is perfection.

Morgan 4/4 80th Anniversary

So, what does the commemorative edition entail? Well, externally we will get solid wheels with brass center locks, brass exterior accents and a metal foil detailing. This model will be distinguished by a quad bonnet strap, brass grille mesh, mohair roof and part tonneau cover. The commemorative 4/4 will be offered in three colors only: Two Tone Green, Saxe Blue and Dark Red.

Interiorly, customers can personalize their vehicles from a selected range of leather and box weave carpet color combinations. The matte lacquered walnut dashboard and new trim details drives the limited edition 4/4 into the path of luxury.

Under the hood, as in the standard 4/4 a 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine is used. Autocar gathered that the 80th anniversary 4/4 put out 110-hp at 6600-rpm with a top speed at 115-mph and a 0 to 62-mph sprint in 8 seconds. Morgan Motor Company plans to make only 80 of these models; 65 are already sold. The starting price is around $44,000.

Morgan 4/4 80th Anniversary Edition