TV’s Top 5 Greatest Cars


There’s an endless amount of cars on TV. Most are nameless black sedans that are basically part of the background. But every now and then, there’s a car on our TV shows that perfectly fits the bill. These select few vehicles are able to transcend our expectations and become part of the show’s very identity. Sometimes, the cars are even the stars of the show. When you look back on certain television programs, it’s often an iconic car that you remember better than anything else. So what are the top five greatest cars ever to feature on television?

The A Team’s Van

If you knew anyone with a black van in the 1980s, chances were they were planning to draw a red line down the side and pretend they were in the A Team. Belonging to B. A. Baracus, the van became the A Team’s main mode of transport when they were out helping the poor and unfortunate. The van itself was a GMC Vandura, fitted with a red spoiler, bull bar, and that fantastic paint job. When it came time to update the series for the modern age, an updated version of the van was essential. While the van featured in the recent A Team movie remake was nice, it’s got nothing on the original.

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